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Our goal is simple: to help you find the right hosting company for your website and then use that website to its full potential. But we are also a business — one that is critically dependent upon our users’ trust. That’s why we don’t pull punches and why we are as transparent as possible about our business practices.

We want to help others to learn from the mistakes we’ve made when it comes to buying web hosting.

“We update our reviews five times a year.”While we also earn commissions from some of the services we recommend, we don’t influence rankings that way – we only take speed, uptime and cost in accounting.

We’re into actual data & real metrics.

Unlike others, we’ve evaluated hosting providers quality by most important metrics, such as;

  • SPEED 
  • UPTIME % 
  • COST

We’ve done the research, you’ll choose the hosting service

On this site, you can honest, genuine, accurate and up-to-date hosting reviews from people who have actually bought hosting from the companies they write about.

We’ve done our homework by reviewing and analysing most popular web hosting providers from 2013 to 2019


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